Balance Work Life

We value balance work life. You will feel fun and appreciate at work, but at the same time will have the chance to fulfil other social needs. JPLogistics plans yearly for external activities thus developing staff with high camaraderie spirits.

“ We are indeed a great company to work.”
Career Opportunities

Discover yourself and be part of the exciting growth of JPLogistics. We need trained specialist to contribute immediately. You will be given the freedom chart the business model based on the company’s vision and mission statement.

“ We eagerly wait for your CV. Please submit to our human capital department today! ”
Student Internship Opportunities

At JPLogistics, all student interns will not just make coffees and do photocopying. But you are expected to contribute immediately as part of the logistics solution provider.

You will be given the chance to challenge the existing logistics processes and propose a workable solution. There is no such thing as free ride. By the time your internship ends, you can be proud to call yourself as a logistics specialist.